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OPC-AX and Ultimate Health!

In March of 2018 we took delivery of our reformulated OPC-AX™ ultimate antioxidant. This represents a huge advance in broad range antioxidant and anti-aging protection.  I had tons of emails asking for the details of the product and the changes we made with the new formula so here goes.

When people are afflicted with unbalance in their bodies due to excessive “toxic load”, the result may be diseases such as Arthritis, Allergies, Asthma, ADD, Fibromyalgia, Joint Inflammation, Body Inflammation, Pain, High Cholesterol, Cancer, Premature Aging, Skin Wrinkling, Lowered Cardio Function, Arteriosclerosis, Eye Cataracts and more. The drugs used to treat these conditions certainly may help but the root causes of the conditions are not addressed. So the process continues and western medicine continues to treat the “symptoms” without promoting true healing. That is where Your Holistic Life comes in.

I am not anti-big Pharma, I’m just pro-holistic healing as the front line of defense. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself if given the correct raw materials. The combination of using western medicine PLUS prevention and nutritional support can be powerful weapons to affect total health, healing and long term wellness. If a person makes the decision to be informed and use all the weapons in the arsenal to move toward wellness, there are huge benefits.

By far the biggest “bank for the buck” in the Holistic Supplement industry is the use of a VERY strong antioxidant OPC product. This is what I consider the “baseline” product for complete health and wellness. I have used OPC products for over 20 years and these products have positively impacted challenges I have had since childhood like severe allergies and recently joint pain from sports injuries. If it were not for using a good OPC product, my quality of life would be limited and I may have turned to prescription pharmaceutical drugs to limit the pain, inflammation and allergy misery. People also notice that my physical “age” does not seem to correspond to my chronological age, that I simply do not look 61 years old. This is the power of quality antioxidants and of course physical activity.  Also there is cancer in my family so it is critical that I keep toxic load under control and my healing potential at its peak.  OPC-AX™ is the front line of defense for any of this.

So when I selfishly decided to formulate and sell our own OPC product, I worked with very good biochemists on the strength of the formula and the “ratios” of different OPC’s and polyphenols to influence a broad range of possible conditions. Our new formula is extraordinary!  

First is the comparison between other OPC products on the market today. Most of what is on the market has 125 to 150 mg (milligrams) of OPC’s per dose and are vastly more expensive at $40 to $69 per bottle. Our new OPC-AX™ has 420mg of OPC’s per dose, huge by comparison and the Wholesale Member Price is only $29.99 (a one month supply) clearly besting the other products on the market!

Then there is the formula and the “ratios” of different OPC’s. By increasing the Grape Seed extract to 100mg per dose and the White Pine to 50mg, the strength of this formula may help to suppress mast cell degranulation meaning mast cells (that line the sinus, ear, nose and throat) are less prone to respond to allergy proteins potentially helping people with allergies, asthma and even ADD.

I also included 100mg ofa Resveratrol  for superior cardiovascular protection and maximizing endothelial cell function. These cells are the lining of the blood vessels, arteries and capillaries. The more “relaxed” and open they are with less inflammation, the more efficiently blood is transported to all cells to deliver oxygen and nutrients. There is a nitric oxide function that also relates to this that allows blood vessels to be open thereby lowering blood pressure. It also has a big effect on male erections as the nitric oxide function is what makes it happen and it also affects women in a similar function.

According to an article in Pub labeled Nitric Oxide. 2009 Sep;21(2):77-91. Epub 2009 Jun 2. Modulation of Endothelial Nitric Oxide by Plant-Derived Products. University of Vienna, Department of Pharmacognosy, Vienna, Althanstrasse 14, 1090 Vienna, Austria.
“Nitric oxide (NO), produced by endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS), is recognized as a central anti-inflammatory and anti-atherogenic principle in the vasculature. Decreased availability of NO in the vasculature promotes the progression of cardiovascular diseases. Epidemiological and clinical studies have demonstrated that a growing list of natural products, as components of the daily diet or phytomedical preparations, may improve vascular function by enhancing NO bioavailability. We will discuss red wine, highlighting polyphenols, oligomeric procyanidins (OPC) and Resveratrol as modulators of endothelial NO production. “

Although this is rather technical, it highlights the power of natural compounds to powerfully influence big challenges faced by society namely cardiovascular disease and systemic inflammation and pain. This is not some pie in the sky nutritional voodoo; it is science based nutritional technology!

I added the newest and most innovative bioflavonoid Fesitin in combination with Resveratrol so this new formula becomes a powerful anti-aging formula! Recent studies have shown the combination of both of these affect gene expression potentially delaying the aging process, disease from aging such as cancer and in theory potentially reversing it. The impact for anyone afflicted with disease due to inflammation or impaired immune function is profound. 

When the immune system is supported by powerful immune system modulating compounds like broad range OPC’s, Resveratrol and concentrated Pomegranate, the chance to positively affect disease is greater and gives a person a shot to combat the onset of disease. 

The bottom line is that a good OPC product is imperative for the person desiring better health and quality of life as they age. Our incredible IsoFizz™ powder to liquid delivery system also affects how efficiently our innovative OPC-AX™ is used by the body. The great tasting liquid is a grapy and fun start to the day that promotes quick results and is actually felt! 

We may not be able to turn the clock back 20 years yet, but we can support the body’s innate healing ability thru the use of an easy to take and powerful antioxidant, OPC-AX™!

Philip Stoetzner, Founder & Director of Product Development at Your Holistic Life

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Unknown said...

I have been using OPC-AX every morning for almost two months now and I'm really excited about this product for the long-term. After only about 2 weeks, I noticed a prominent venous angioma (a benign growths or tumor made up of small blood vessels) on my lower lip was healing! I've had it for years and it had recently grown alarmingly, and the black "bump" on my lip was very annoying and impossible to hide with lipstick etc. It was even showing up in pictures. I was planning to have a painful cauterization at the dermatatologist's office! I don't have to do that now! It has continued to heal and I am thrilled to report it is almost completely GONE!!! I am also noticing that my "age" spots on my arms, hands and legs are fading. If this is what I can see on the outside, I would guess it's only the tip of the iceberg, and so I know OPC-AX is strengthening and healing my systems on the inside!

I would like to THANK YOU SO MUCH for formulating OPC-AX and offering it to the world! I am sharing my experiences (so far!) with everyone I know!

Patti Del Vecchio

venous angioma on my lip