Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Whole Food Nutrients, Why They are SO Powerful!

There are many supplements on the market such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients. The question most people ask is; what gives the biggest bang for the buck for supporting greater long term nutritional support? The most popular option by far is a Multi Vitamin offering broad range nutrients to rationally plug holes from our fast paced American nutrient deficient diet.

Although this is sound advice, the vast majority of “off the shelf” multi vitamins are synthetic nutrients refined in a lab from many sources including petroleum products and are known as “isolates”. The challenge is that isolates in a highly refined form are devoid of nutritional cofactors that are present in the foods we eat, things like amino acids, fibers, enzymes, antioxidants, protein wrappers and trace elements. It is precisely these cofactors that are SO important for the proper utilization of nutrients.

Without them, synthetic nutrients are viewed by the body as a drug where it seeks to eliminate this foreign substance by way of the liver and kidneys. This point cannot be stated strongly enough. The idea of taking a multi vitamin is to get nutritional benefit so if a multi vitamin offers little in the way of benefit, why take it?

So the real questions to ask is; “what kind of Multi Vitamin SHOULD I take to get the biggest benefit?” The answer is a vitamin that has a “delivery system” whereby the nutrients are more available for utilization, simple! Now several companies make vitamins that offer delivery systems such as liquid isotonic delivery and other companies use a “wrapper” of organic matter like fructose or glucose or amino acids mimicking nature’s delivery system of supplying nutrients in the form of food.

You see our body has coexisted with food as its main supply of nutrients and energy for millions of years. Your body is intelligent and recognizes food nutrients in a vastly different way than it recognizes a “once per day” vitamin which simply does not stack up to food as a good nutrient or energy source. A good example; the last time you ate asparagus you may have gone to the bathroom literally minutes after eating the asparagus and experienced a peculiar smell from your urine, that is asparagusic acid. This highlights the effectiveness of how quickly food nutrients can be absorbed by the body.

Traditional once per day synthetic vitamins may use mega doses in the attempt to get enough nutrients into the system for some sort of use. Whole Food Multi Vitamins do not require mega doses to be of use to the body and typically a person actually feels a difference when they take their first Whole Food Multi Vitamin.

Why is this so? When nutrients and micro nutrients are truly being used by the body, they support the proper production and balance of hormones, enzymes and the ATP energy cycle, a not so subtle byproduct of proper nutrient utilization. By maximizing these functions you also allow the body to effectively deal with “Toxic Load” much more effectively. Each day our bodies are faced with cascades of damaging Free Radicals (see previous post for an excellent description of free radicals), chemical preservatives in our food, air pollution and subpar water that is laced with petro chemicals, damaging fluoride and microorganisms like Guardia and cryptosporidium. Your body has to be in top form to deal with this toxic load and amazingly, great nutrition is our best defense!

In addition to a broad range of vitamins and minerals Active Essentials Whole Food Multi Vitamin includes:

* Fruit Complex* Vegetable Complex
* Digestive Enzyme Complex
* Antioxidant Proprietary Blend
* Neurological Support Proprietary Blend
* Mixed Greens, Super Nutrients & Antioxidants

So one of the best investments a person can make for optimal health is taking a Whole Food Multi Vitamin as their choice as a support supplement. Now they are more expensive but in my opinion, well worth it. Any time I take a supplement and it makes me feel better and gives me more energy, I am far more likely to continue to take it for life!


By: Philip Stoetzner, Director of Product Development, Your Holistic Life