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MetaboSet Prime™ & The Science of Weight Management!

MetaboSet Prime™ represents the current state of the art in weight management supplements!  In years past supplement manufacturers relied on supplements that increased metabolism by using combinations of stimulants like caffeine, ephedra and other herbal metabolic enhancers to burn fat.  In some cases they worked but with consequences.

It’s not that they were bad supplements for short term use but prolonged metabolic stimulation affected ATP energy production, adrenal function and in many cases over stressed the adrenal gland with a resulting ‘crash” in normal energy production.

At Your Holistic Life we addressed weight management by formulating MetaboSet Prime ™ with multiple nutritional technologies that compliment overall health and wellness in addition to increasing metabolic function and maximizing normal hormone levels to limit the bodies “fat sparing” tendencies.  Let’s talk about the challenges that lead us to too much fat on our bodies in relation to lean muscle.  The truth is that most causes of excess fat are in our control yet we either do not do anything about these bad habits or we simply do not know that they contribute to promoting too much fat storage.  We lack the education.*

The challenges we face as a society include too much stress; stress from job security, working too many hours, stress from eating fast food including too much sugar, hidden sugar and simple carbohydrates.  Sugar is hidden in most ALL processed foods even if they advertise that they are “Low Fat” alternatives.  Now I am not a huge low fat proponent as some fats are needed for proper hormone production such as testosterone and estrogen.  So to get a low fat food to taste good, they take the fat out and replace it with sugars, fructose (fruit sugar or what is known as corn syrup) and other taste enhancing agents like MSG sometimes labeled in the form of “yeast extract”. 

The process is simple.  You take in sugar or simple carbohydrates like white bread, white rice or potatoes and your body does an amazing job of releasing the hormone insulin to control your blood sugar levels to keep them at about 90-100 mg/dl (milligrams per deciliter).   The challenge is that in a diet with so much “hidden” sugar in processed foods, we are constantly stressing our pancreas to produce more and more insulin to keep us at this level inducing something called “insulin resistance”.  Insulin is also called the “fat sparing” hormone as it triggers the process where excess sugar is enzymatically transformed by our liver to fat that is then stored on our guts and butts. 
There are other hormones complicit in this process as well.  The hormone Leptin is released by our fat cells strangely enough and is one of the signaling hormones that tells the brain that you are “full” and to stop eating.  It also tells the body to create energy from fat!  But with excess fat gain due to insulin resistance you also get Leptin resistance compounding the problem! 

The other hormone is Adiponectin which is also produced by our fat cells and acts as a “fat catabolism” mechanism (fat burning) hormone.  Again when the above happens it induces Adiponectin resistance so it becomes less effective.  The result with age and poor diet is that all of this conspires to make us efficient at sparing fat not burning fat.  That is where MetaboSet Prime™ comes in!

By using the patented WellTrim® African mango (a patented and clinically researched extract), GreenSelect® Green Tea Phytosome™, Green Coffee extract and Brown Seaweed (luminaria japonica) extract, several changes occur.  Insulin resistance is lessened.  Adiponectin resistance is lessened and Leptin resistance is lessened.  These 3 simple changes begin to make your body more efficient at stabilizing the major hormone systems that contribute to a favorable fat/lean muscle ratio!* 

Beyond that by adding GreenSelect® Green Tea Phytosome™ extract we promote synergistic antioxidant action!  Green Tea extract has been used to increase metabolism and energy production thereby promoting fat metabolism (burning).  Green Coffee extract with Chlorogenic acid is also a powerful metabolic enhancer without the crash of harsh stimulants.  All of these extracts are excellent support nutrients to limit lipid peroxidation (the oxidation of fats in the body) to contribute to healthy fat loss.*

So the mechanisms of MetaboSet Prime™ are similar to buying 3-4 separate supplements!  It is a strong Green Coffee supplement.  It is an African Mango (irvingia) supplement and it is a Green Tea Extract supplement.  Each one of these extracts are sold separately as stand-alone weight management supplements in the health food and vitamin stores yet we formulated MetaboSet Prime™ as the perfect all in one supplement.  Nothing comes close and nothing can compare to the VALUE!*

Be that as it may, ANY weight management effort must be viewed as a 3 part process that must be committed to and be life-long.  They are as follows and are non-negotiable:

  •  Consistant exercise 4-5 time per week.
  •  Making Smart food choices by excluding simple carbohydratessuch as white       bread, white rice and potatoes.
  •  Use Smart supplementation using MetaboSet Prime™ and other health promoting extracts like an OPC antioxidant and a Whole Food Multi Vitamin.*

MetaboSet Prime Supports:

  •     Thermogenisis*
  •     Appetite control*
  •     Proper fat metabolism*
  •     Metabolic hormones Leptin and Adiponectin*
  •     Healthy blood sugar levels and reduced cravings*

The last thing I would like to address is our relationship with food.  They say stress is a killer and that is quite correct.  Stress gives us excuses to do things that are unhealthy for us such as smoking, excessive drinking and consuming high fat high carbohydrate fast foods.  But this is really no excuse.  It is when you are most stressed that your body needs nutritional support more than ever!

 The Relationship with Food

The next step is to change your “relationship” with food by adopting a few simple rules that you decide and commit you will always follow.  These are my 5 rules to healthy eating:

5 Rules to Healthy Eating:

  • Use the MetaboSet Diet 16/8 to reset your insulin/hormone resistance. Realize that WHEN you eat is as important as WHAT you eat. Make Lunch and Dinner your biggest meals, try not to miss one of those meals and if you are time constrained drink a protein shake to fill in.
  • Fast Food is NOT lunch (or diner). It is a treat to be had occasionally. I allow myself to eat at each of the fast food restaurants 2 times a year. After that I am DONE for the year, period! 
  • Remember, fresh is always best when choosing foods. The MetaboSet™ motto: “If it’s white, do not bite, green or brown, chow it down!” Get rid of white sugar, refined white flour, white rice and all sodas. Replace sugar with stevia as a no calorie sweetener. Drink unsweetened ice tea or use stevia to sweeten or drink water. 
  • Always make sure the amount you are eating is sane! When that portion is done, you are done. The MetaboSet Ultra™ will help you push away from the table. 
  • When you are tempted to eat or drink something, ask this question: “Is there any nutritional value to what I am about to eat or drink?” If the answer is no, choose something that does. Proteins with good fats from grass fed beef or free range meats plus local veggies are the most important addition to your diet AND give you that nutritional bump.
When we start viewing food as nutritional support suddenly things make sense.  You can still enjoy food and cooking but changing out the ‘white” stuff and sugar for healthy alternatives is smart and not painful at all!  Brown Rice made with chicken or vegetable stock with some paprika is a wonderful rice side dish with big taste and you will not miss bland white rice.  Also try protein rich Quinoa in place of rice.  It tastes amazing and if made with chicken stock and a pat of butter it’s really amazing!

Making the smart choice to limit fast food to the status of a “treat” makes you much smarter!  There are smart “faster” food alternatives such a grilled chicken restaurants that also serve brown rice like Pollo Tropical.  But best of all when I do go to the golden arches twice per year their fries are truly a treat for me.  I know I cannot have them any more than that as there is NO nutritional value to them but twice per year I enjoy them!

Best of all when you make these simple changes you are teaching many people around you the value of eating smart.  People catch what you do all the time and in particular your family watches and learns.  Imaging if they adopted as a life lesson that fast food is total crap BUT they allow themselves to have it as an occasional treat.  They will grow up healthy with a good body weight!  Many shown, many saved; that is the MetaboSet Prime™ way. 

So with a good diet why would we need MetaboSet Prime ™?  As we age we get less efficient at dealing with sugars, carbohydrates and activity.  MetaboSet Prime ™ gives us the edge to keep on track and maximize our hormonal function when aging is saying no!*

Let’s face reality too.  We will occasionally have those pieces of cake, dessert, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, Friday martini or pizza and beer.  But when you have the desire for healthy alternatives as your “main menu” then the occasional treats are much more appreciated and MetaboSet Prime ™ allows us to limit the “collateral damage” and keep the portions lower than if we were not taking it.  

MetaboSet Prime ™ may be the most impressive weight management supplement on the market but in reality, you are the most impressive weight management tool for long term health.   So let’s move forward together and be informed, be smart and be healthy! 

MetaboSet Web Page!

By: Philip Stoetzner, Director of Product Development, Your Holistic Life

 *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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