Tuesday, May 17, 2016

DigestiGuard, Probiotic, Prebiotic and Enzyme Yeast Cleanse All in One!

The goal of taking a probiotic is to repopulate the lower digestive tract with healthy bacteria known as probiotics so digestion is efficient, nutrient absorption is maximized and competing bad bacteria is crowded out so your gut is healthy and your immune system powerful and robust.

What do Probiotics do?

Probiotic bacteria may favorably alter the intestinal microflora balance, promote normal amounts of bacteria and yeast colonies, promote good digestion, and support healthy immune function. People with flourishing intestinal colonies of beneficial bacteria "probiotics" may be better equipped to fight the overgrowth of harmful bacteria. When probiotics are introduced they compete with yeast and other bacteria for attachment points along the digestive tract.*

The Problem

We all face the overgrowth of bad bacteria in our gut including candida yeast. This raises havoc by instigating “leaky gut syndrome” where bacteria and toxins can easily slip through the intestinal lining into our blood system, steadily and perniciously poisoning our bodies. Symptoms include lack of energy, brain fog, moodiness, weak immune system, gas, bloating, heart burn, intestinal discomfort, Diarrhea and irregularity.

Our gut is the seat of our immune system so insuring it functions properly is a powerful key to long term health and wellness. Toxic load in the form of excessive sugar and carbohydrates provides food for bad bacteria and yeast wrecking our ability to fight infection and destroying proper digestion.*

DigestiGuard™ The Solution!

DigestiGuard™ contains 13.6 Billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units) of various non-competing strains of probiotic bacteria. One of these strains is the potent B. subtilis, a spore forming bacteria. Spore germination is an innovative and dependable means of delivering healthy flora to the intestine in less than ideal conditions.

Most bacteria are susceptible to an acidic pH range, mainly thriving in the more alkaline lower GI tract, but spores are able to withstand a broader range of variables in regards to pH and temperature ranges. This improves the chances that the probiotic strain will properly germinate and begin the process of restoring intestinal balance.

We also use an advanced capsule delivery system called Acid Armor™ Capsules to deliver a superior amount of probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes directly to the intestinal tract.*


Digestive Yeast Cleanse: 

DigestiGuard™ uses the extremely potent blend of protease (protein digesting), cellulase and hemicellulase (cellulose digesting), glucoamylase and amylase (breaks down sugars), and serrapeptase. These enzymes strip away the Candida's protective protein shell and begin digesting its cellular infrastructure to cleanse & assist in the removal of dead yeast and other bad bacteria from the body. This will protect the body from experiencing
detox symptoms from toxins typically given off from the elimination of yeast.*

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