Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Antioxidants & Free Radicals

So many of you have emailed me with questions on how antioxidants work and why they are so important to living a healthy life. Although there are a lot of sensational articles saying that antioxidants can affect everything from obesity to cancer to arthritis, at least knowing the basics of antioxidants and why they work in supporting the body’s proper function is probably the biggest reason to supplement with a proven antioxidant regimen.

First we must understand the concept of “Free Radicals” and how they play a role in disrupting and stressing the body’s repair mechanisms. Free Radicals are oxygen atoms that have lost one of their paired electrons. Oxygen atoms normally have 2 electrons in their inner ring circling the nucleus. Challenges occur when one of the paired electrons is knocked from the oxygen molecule creating destructive instability. Free Radicals are created by radiation, environmental pollution, pesticides and even our own body functions like muscular contraction and exercise.

A Free Radical seeks to stabilize itself by “stealing” an electron from another molecule which then creates another Free Radical and the process continues creating what is known as a “Free Radical Cascade”!  When this occurs inside the body, individual cells are damaged, mutated or destroyed. If the nucleus of a cell or cell membrane is damaged, the cell either dies or a mutation is created. Our body’s deal with this damage with our immune systems cleaning up the mess and with antioxidants such as vitamin C, E and Beta Carotene which “contribute” they’re excess electrons thereby neutralizing the “Free Radical” effectively controlling the Free Radical cascade.

As I mentioned, our own body functions create Free Radicals and we even use them to help kill bacteria and viruses. But an uncontrolled cascade of Free Radicals may lead to disastrous consequences such as degenerative diseases like arthritis, ADD, cancer and immune challenges. When the immune system is overloaded by such a cascade, then it cannot effectively deal with ordinary daily challenges and we experience a state of disease not wellness. This is why supplementing with a strong antioxidant helps to support immune function and limit Free Radical damage.

As such, we formulated OPC-AX™, a powerful antioxidant and our Active Essentials™ Whole Food Multi Vitamin both of which are designed with intensive antioxidants and metabolic immune enhancers to support proper immune function and Free Radical control.

I will discuss in several days the specifics of each product and its formulation by myself and our consulting Bio Chemist; Dr. Socorro PhD and why they represent such a powerful and affordable therapy for optimum health. Here’s to your health, Cheers!

By: Philip Stoetzner, Director of Product Development, Your Holistic Life

Friday, November 14, 2008

Welcome from Your Holistic Life!

Good morning all healthy life seekers ! My name is Philip Stoetzner, COO and Director of Product Development for Your Holistic Life, LLC. We formulate and market advanced wellness and anti aging products with the intention of revolutionizing people's health and the way they buy and research wellness products and lifestyles. We formed this company to offer better products with value pricing and keep the process simple for researching the latest trends in wellness and anti aging.

One of the challenges people face in the supplement industry is the many ways wellness products are marketed. They are stocked on store shelves, thousands of bottles of pills and potions yet information on their use and effectiveness is limited or merely unavailable. They are marketed directly thru independent distributors where more information is available but may come with agendas not directed at your health. They are marketed direct thru the Internet, again with lots of supposed information and testimonials all designed to get you to buy. Many of these companies and products are very good, remarkable even, but the question I get the most is, "how do I know what is effective for me?" The answer is usually in keeping it simple.

Our goal at YHL is to simplify all of these processes thereby giving people more information on various products for their health goals and in the process, intend to keep it simple. We had to start out with 6 simple products, each designed to give the biggest "bank for the buck" so to speak for the widest range of people and their common health concerns. You will notice on our website that there are links to independent studies on many of our products ingredients giving the potential customer of YHL information PRIOR to buying. Taking responsibility for ones own health and exploring options that have good track records for effectiveness is the highest and most noble thing a person can do for themselves and their families future health.

Although I do not fault any of the methods of marketing I mentioned above (we will certainly use a few of them too) as all have been successful and relatively effective. What I do fault is the VALUE of many products and the immense number of products that all promise abundant health in a fist full of pills. Although targeted and numerous supplements have their place for specific challenges, for the average person seeking to proactively affect their health and longevity this must change and be simplified. This is what we try to accomplish at Your Holistic Life.

I will address in future blogs specific things we can all do to advance our health and wellness. You will see Your Holistic Life advance in sophistication as we want to also "tie" into other companies that make products that fit the criteria for effectiveness and value that we do not produce. We seek to literally connect avenues of information and products that will make a difference to people that seek life long wellness all from one place, our online presence.

Thank you for checking out our first blog, its our first tottering step into the blogosphere yet a timely one as YHL is poised to offer people a simple yet effective way of proactively addressing health, aging and wellness. Welcome to Your Holistic Life!


By: Philip Stoetzner, Director of Product Development, Your Holistic Life